This pandemic has been hard on everyone and staying indoors hasn't been pleasant. But why not use this time to our advantage and kick up our skincare routine up a notch. Let's take out all the products we have hoarded at the back of our cupboards and put them to use. Who says we have to sulk and look miserable whilst staying indoors. Let's make the most of our time and give our skin the care and attention it deserves.

Nothing beats natural care, the organic ingredients make our skin breathable and radiant.

Incorporating organic ingredients into your skincare will aid in restoring the radiance of your face. These ingredients include Cucumber, Honey, Charcoal, Lemon, Chamomile, Lavender, Aloe Vera, Avocado, and Rose Water. We will go over the points that can help you achieve a clear complexion.

The primary steps to a complete skincare routine are:
• Cleansing
• Exfoliating
• Toner
• Serums & Masks
• Moisturising
• Sunscreen

Our MANGO GIRL FACE AND NECK KIT has you covered. It includes

Cucumber Cleanser - Infused with cucumber to give the skin a gentle deep cleanse while soothing & softening the skin.

Vitamin ACE Serum - This serum contains a multivitamin complex combining vitamins A, C & E that boosts the radiance and vitality of the skin.

Vitamin ACE Moisturiser - our vitamin ACE moisturiser will brighten and hydrate the skin, leaving it feeling soft and silky smooth.

Rose Aloe Toner - Remove excess oils and impurities.

Green Tea Face Mask Rich - A rich and creamy face mask,
infused with green tea, draws out impurities and excess oils
from the skin resulting in a fresh, healthy glow.

Use homemade face mists to keep yourself fresh. Use rose water
and aloe vera and store it in a spray bottle and refrigerate it.

While taking care of your face, never forget your neck, hands and feet. They also deserve care and attention. Keep them moisturised and hydrated. Pamper yourself with Our Body Butter range which is exquisite.

Our WHIPPED COCONUT AND SHEA AVOCADO BUTTER BUNDLE provides immense hydration to make your skin smooth and soft. Our hair also faces the harsh climate and needs tending to. Styling may not be on the top of your grooming list these days but caring for your hair is essential. Staying indoors may cause you to neglect your hair.

Instead of using expensive hair products, give your hair a natural experience.

Hair Care Tips:

Oiling - oiling helps keep your hair from drying out and becoming brittle. Oiling provides the scalp with moisture and hydration. It makes your hair shiny and helps strengthen it. Our MANGO DELIGHT HAIR OIL is a constituent of a secret Jamaican recipe containing mango oil, jojoba oil, lavender buds and vitamin E. It acts as an everyday nourishing moisturiser for your hair.

Follicle Stimulant - follicle stimulants aid in hair growth and strength from the root. Our MANGO DELIGHT FOLLICLE STIMULANT SERUM helps fight dandruff and improve scalp condition. Its ingredient list is promising, Jamaican castor oil,
Peppermint oil, Ginkgo Biloba, Red thyme oil, Olive Oil, Coconut oil, Aloe Vera, Burdock, Rosemary, Lavender, Horsetail.

Chemical-Free Shampoo - a shampoo cleans the scalp and rids it of dirt. It needs to be gentle and mild. Our VITANOURISH SHAMPOO is a blend of Almond & Argan Oil that nourishes dry and damaged hair while removing dirt &
excess oils. Its lemongrass, ginger & rosemary essential oils
replenish the hair.

Chemical-Free Conditioner - it conditions your hair, smooths the hair cuticle and adds body. Our VITANOURISH CONDITIONER has been formulated to smooth & nourish dry or damaged hair.

Taking care of our overall body health is essential for us to feel good. Each body part and organ have a part to play in our health and we can to care for each one of these.


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